Most Curious and how to make the most of wedding fairs

Updated: Feb 23

Ohh what a couple of weeks! I feel like I am still coming back up for air after such an incredible weekend at Most Curious. I met so many amazing couples (and suppliers!) and I am still feeling all the love.

I know wedding fairs (and particularly the bigger ones) can feel like a massively daunting thing to go to. And I speak from experience here: when I got married, I didn't go to a single one as I didn't want to be "sold to".

That said, if I were to do my time again, I would 100% go to somewhere like Most Curious or Un-Wedding. And the reason for this is simple: the exhibitors at these fairs are small brands who genuinely care about what they do, what they sell, and who they sell to, and the curators themselves genuinely understand who both their clients and vendors are looking for.

All that said, it does help enormously to go in with a plan:

What is your wedding style?

This is an important one! And if you don't know this yet, think about the following:

  • Where are you getting married?

  • What time of year?

  • What inspiration do you need (this is why you're going!)

And the big question before you even go in with is this: "what can this wedding fair offer me which makes it essential to attend!?

So, what's your to-do list then?

  • Buy a ticket: simply put, it's cheaper in advance

  • Prioritise: there's a lot to see, so do your research first and zone in on the suppliers that really interest you and check out where their stands are on the wedding fair map

  • Think hard about what you want to get out of the show: if your goal is to book a particular stationer, photographer or florist, then make sure you allocate enough time to those stands as they may be busy. This approach is also helpful as you will leave with a sense of achievement rather than feeling overwhelmed

  • Don't overload yourself: think long and hard about who you take with you as you don't want to have to worry too much about how they are experiencing the day. This is your time, after all! I recommend taking one or two people who are just as excited as you are!

  • Make the most of the moment: it goes without saying that you should wear flat shoes, but if you're after specifics, take a tote bag to stash all the information in, take samples of your colour scheme if you have them as this will help guide any relevant conversations, and if you are planning to book, bring your diary and bank card as most suppliers will have means of taking a deposit

  • Finally, enjoy all there is to offer: the smaller fairs especially are often catered for by the coolest bars in town (hello Lucky Pineapple) so make sure you take a moment to unwind and let your hair down over a cocktail or glass of fizz

I hope you enjoy this wonderful time exploring all the amazing creativity. Just a final couple of tips:

  • Do take photos - it's a massive help when you get back and can't remember what you saw and where

  • Don't be afraid to ask questions - we don't bite, and we would rather you found the right person for you, than spend forever speaking to people that aren't right

Most Curious is on 29th February in Manchester and 29th March in Norwich

Chosen is on 23rd February in Bristol and 29th March in Islington

Un-Wedding is on 4th & 5th April in Shoreditch


Photographs: The Woman & The Wolf

Stand design: Jump The Broom

Table styling: based on the Neo Mint shoot concept by Anemone Style

Other suppliers: Avant Garde Studio (cakes and desserts); Perfectly Planned 4 You (Planning & Styling)


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