2020 Wedding Stationery Trends

Have you ever watched back a period drama and been able to spot the time period it was made? Not the time period it was set - that's totally different - but when it was made. Remember how in the 1990s everyone had super-thin eyebrows? That kind of thing. The same goes for wedding trends.

We're lucky these days that traditions and trends change. Really, anything goes. I got married in 2012 where according to a recent Most Curious look back at previous trends, vintage teacups were all the rage. I thought my wedding was classic and timeless, but reader, I had vintage teacups.

Anyway, enough waffling! I was recently asked to share my 2020 stationery trends for The Wedding Academy's annual trend report, so I thought I'd also put together a quick summary for all my lovely readers here.


In the design world, there's always a lot of excitement and conversation when Pantone release their colour of the year. This year's is Classic Blue - a gorgeous, soothing deep navy. There has been a lot of debate surrounding it with some saying they find it boring. Personally, I think it is rather lovely, and a welcome change from some of the bolder colours that have featured in recent years.

Neo Mint is also making a comeback and was featured as a key trend in The Wedding Academy’s trend report – edgier than previous incarnations, it blends clean, modern design sensibilities with a soft, boho (or moho!) edge.

There has also been a lean towards Tim Walker-inspired soft meadow colours, as seen in the Most Curious 2020 campaign. Think dusty end-of-summer fields with a gentle pastel, Laura Ashley chintz. Oh yes, and chintz is very definitely back.


Couples are heading in two distinct directions: those looking for a clean, typographically focused modern design, and those wanting something altogether softer, with handwritten and illustrated elements – often extending to handmade papers with deckle or unfinished edges and a deliciously tactile finish.

I’ve also noticed in many of my recent couples that eco-awareness is playing a much bigger part of the wedding journey. I have always prided myself in ensuring that all the paper I use at Ink & Paper is either recycled or comes from FSC-certified sources. The inks, too, are vegan and vegetable-based, and even the foil is vegan and fully recyclable (and waste foil is sent back to the supplier to be recycled!)


There’s two major things here: adding a personal touch or a twist to a classic design, be it playing with the colours or adding a pattern or background. Think elegant classic invitations with a splash of modern calligraphy or hand lettering, or an unexpected pop of colour!

Related to this, using illustrations on the invitations, be it of the venue or of any floral themes throughout. I’ve been doing a lot of venue illustrations recently, and also incorporating key details from the couple’s day which makes the invitation a wonderful keepsake


Rose gold has had its time. Personally I’m very relieved about this as I’ve never been a massive fan of the shade. And I think we are also starting to see the back of the trend for acrylic, which ties in with a greater lean towards an eco awareness. About time!

Neo Mint photograph by Rachel Takes Pictures


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