Firstly, chances are that if you're on this page it is because you are worried about your wedding. I am so sorry. I know weddings may seem a little trivial right now, but they also bring so much hope and joy and SO much effort goes into planning these things.

Please remember that your suppliers are doing all they humanly can to be flexible during this difficult time - we want to make your day the wonderful and memorable occasion that it deserves to be.

I hope the below is helpful, and please, if you have any questions I haven't addressed, just drop me an email.

1. I have ordered stationery from you but it hasn't been printed yet.

If we are mid-way through the design process and you are worried that your wedding day may need to move, we can pause all work until you have a clearer idea of dates

2. We have just signed off our order, what happens now?

I have been in touch with all my couples directly. If your plates have not yet been made up, the process will be the same as question 1.

If your plates HAVE been made and printing has not yet started, I will await information for a rescheduled date. New plates will be charged at cost price.

3. Our stationery has arrived but we are no longer going ahead with our planned date due to COVID-19

I am so, so sorry to hear that. I am offering ALL my couples a free digital "change the date" invite which you can email to all your guests to advise of a new date.

Alternatively, if you would like a letterpressed "change the date" instead, I will press you one just for the cost of plates and cardstock.

4. I'm not an existing customer, but my wedding has been affected by COVID-19

Don't worry! I am also extending my free digital 'change the date' and letterpressed at cost offer to all new customers.

I do not wish to profit from others' misfortune during this immensely challenging and unsettling time. However, if I can bring even a hint of a smile to your face, I want to do just that.

Remember, your feelings for each other are the most important thing. A wedding is just a day; a marriage is a celebration of your love and this never goes on lockdown.

Grania xx

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